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Kirat Sodhi


Education & Credentials

Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics; Jacksonville, FL


Christian Dental College & Hospital; Ludhiana, India

Specialty Certificate

Orthodontics and Craniofacial Orthopedics, JU School of Orthodontics; Jacksonville, FL


Periodontics, University of Washington School of Dentistry; Seattle, WA


Clinical Orthodontics, JU School of Orthodontics; Jacksonville, FL


Every day, I am enthusiastic about educating people about the value of orthodontics. I believe in the power of smiles and know that they can transform lives. My mission is to help you feel confident in your smile!


I like to meditate, eat healthily, keep a positive outlook, and enjoy my time with my family in my free time.


After graduating from one of India's best dental schools, I practiced dentistry for a few years before continuing my education in Seattle and Jacksonville. I moved to Plano to begin my journey as an orthodontist with my entrepreneur husband and baby boy. I am enjoying the Texas life!


Co-Founder of YouVeda, Chief Resident, American Association of Orthodontists Resident Champion, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society